6th May 2019 | Environment

Time for talking about the collapse of nature is over. Time for ACTION: Green Party Senator, Ecologist Grace O’Sullivan


In response to the United Nation’s comprehensive report on biodiversity, the Green Party are calling on government and communities to protect and restore Ireland’s biodiversity before it is too late.

Ireland South MEP candidate Senator Grace O’Sullivan said:

“The terrifying reality that we are destroying life at an unprecedented rate is laid bare in this report. We need to act now before we have nothing left to save.”

O’Sullivan, who is Green party  Spokesperson for Environmental Protection, Natural Resources, Marine and Tourism said:

“We need to commit now to draw a line under biodiversity loss and say NO MORE.

“The planet is seeing the wipeout of wildlife and habitats at an alarming rate. It’s deeply saddening to imagine children, in the near future, only experiencing things like butterflies, sparrows, bees, daisies or whatever, through pictures, or video. In the same way that dinosaurs went extinct, the habitat and animal life that we grew up with and take for granted, is in very real danger of becoming a thing of the past. This time though, it’s at the hands of humans.

“I’m a trained ecologist. I’ve been an environmental activist for my entire working life. I care deeply about the world around me. The news emerging around the details of this report is saddening to me, with predictions of up to a million species at real risk. Now is the time for action and Green thinking across the entire political spectrum.

“We asked for the setting up of a national land use plan as one of the recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action. The restoration of biodiversity and natural habitats has to be central to that. These are practical first steps towards getting the planet back on track.”

“The Green Party have as part of our manifesto for the local elections a Pledge to Nature which calls for the restoration of habitats around the country. We need to empower communities to not just protect nature in their own areas but to restore it too. We need to rebuild native forests, our boglands, wetlands and our marine environments so future generations can experience a flourishing natural environment.

“We also need to tackle the driver of environmental damage – the unending desire to produce and consume ever more resources. We must move to an economy of sufficiency and share what we have in a way that makes sure that everybody matters.”