12th November 2018 | Economy, Equality, Press Releases

Taoiseach’s Comments Snub Ireland’s Unsung Heroes


Women Not a Resource to be Exploited

Responding to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s comments at the launch of the Gender Action Plan today, where he described women as an “untapped resource”, Green Party Spokesperson for Equality Una Power said the comments snub the huge unpaid contribution women make to Irish society, and that women are more than a resource to be exploited for economic advantage.

Speaking this morning she said, “The Taoiseach’ s comments disrespect the contribution women have made to Irish society, and show Fine Gael only view people through an economic prism. Women are not an ‘untapped resource’; if anything they are an undervalued, exploited resource.

“The lowest paid levels of public service are all dominated by women. Work in the home is predominantly undertaken by women. The community and voluntary sector is made up of almost two thirds women. Women are working and contributing, but they are not being valued.

“The Taoiseach needs to stop seeing women as a “resource” and start to appreciate them as contributors and members of our society.