Cas d'fhón.

Má dhéanann tú sin, beidh tú in ann leas ceart a bhaint as suíomh gréasáin an Chomhaontais Ghlais.

Neasa Hourigan

Teachta Dála for Dublin Central

Spokesperson for Finance

My vision for Dublin Central

I believe in a Dublin that is fair, accessible and affordable for every person who lives here. As  a specialist in sustainable community design I am committed to protecting and increasing access to decent housing, green space in the city, safe and walkable streets and provision for public transport.

What I stand for

I joined the Green Party in 2011 with a clear conviction that Ireland needs a voice at national level on sustainable and ethical living, climate change and alternatives to the current government strategy which places the health of our economy above the health and wellbeing of people and their families. Having lived in Cabra for 15 years I have watched successive governments fail some of the most vulnerable in our society due to a failure to appreciate caring and quality of life issues at great cost to our communities.

My Priorities

As a full time carer for a disabled child I will work towards communities where we all can enjoy safe and accessible streets, affordable access to housing and services, food security, peace and equal opportunities.

  • Disability Rights: I believe that persons with disabilities are not sufficiently cared for by the state, particularly in areas such as housing, education and healthcare. This is an issue close to my heart and I will fight for increased access to employment and the provision of healthcare and appropriate supporting therapies to all persons where needed.
  • Housing Provision: At the most basic level I am opposed to relying on the private sector to build either social or affordable housing and I believe that the State must stop the sale of state lands to private developers or otherwise incentivising the private sector to do what should be done by our government.
  • Livable City: A lack of public transport and alternative provision for cyclists and pedestrians, poor enforcement of traffic rules, and a city council that is under funded and poorly staffed has led to neighbourhoods that need support and vision to improve them. I am committed to safer, fairer and more cohesive communities for Dublin.

My experience

During my professional career I have worked in the private and public sector as an architect and a consultant in sustainability on a number of major infrastructure projects in Ireland including as an environmental design specialist on the Mater Adult Hospital in our constituency. My professional experience includes:

  •      Lecturer in Sustainable Design and Materials at Queen’s University Belfast from 2010 to 2016
  •      Head of Sustainable Design for Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Dublin
  •      BBC Expert Woman’s Panel 2015
  •      Green Party Chair of Policy Council 2016-2018 and Deputy Chair of Policy Council 2015-2016