Lorna Bogue

Councillor for Cork City South East

My Vision For Cork South Central

My vision for Cork is for the city to thrive and act as an economic engine for the region. I want Cork to be a liveable city with affordable rent and improved public transport. I also want Cork to be a greener place with less pollution going into Cork Harbour.

What I stand for

I stand for affordable rent and good paying jobs. I want Cork to be a liveable city where there is space for community. I want better public transport and more green spaces. The most vulnerable in our society must be empowered and treated with dignity and respect.

My Priorities

  • Large scale provision of public housing
  • Protecting Cork City’s heritage and fighting against the wall scheme
  • Ending Direct Provision
  • Reducing waste and preventing single use plastics from going into production
  • Investing in recycling innovation and implementing a deposit return scheme
  • Reintroducing the incineration levy
  • Cutting unnecessary corporate welfare
  • Reintroducing a system of light rail to Cork City

My Experience

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Irish Music and Dance and I am completing a Masters in Economic Analysis. I am experienced in campaigning and was the press officer for Cork Together For Yes during the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment. I wrote several objections to the incinerator in Ringaskiddy and presented at the oral hearing in 2016. I assisted with the drafting of the Green Party’s legislation banning microbeads which has still has not been put in place despite similar legislation being introduced in other EU countries.

These are my political and professional experiences. I have also experienced precarious low paid work and what it is like to be evicted by an unscrupulous landlord. From my own experiences and from helping others in similar situations it is clear that a lot of our problems come from a lack of political will to change anything very much. Our laws are written for the rich and a new approach needs to be taken with law-making and economic thought in Ireland. I think that the priorities of the State are not the aligned with what people need to live well. We need to democratise wealth and make our economy work for everyone.