13th June 2018 | Uncategorized @ga

Martin: Passport Office Delays and Poor Communication Unacceptable


Speaking about ongoing issues for those awaiting new passports, Green Party Deputy Leader and TD for Dublin-Rathdown, Catherine Martin said today: “As we approach the holiday season, I have been contacted by many distressed people and families who have been left in limbo because of huge backlogs in the processing of passports by the passport office. Many of these people applied over two months ago and have seen their estimated issue date come and go with no passport arriving.

“The complete lack of communication and support these people have received is very worrying and only adds to their stress. Some who applied through post offices were not made aware of backlogs and were told that there would be a 15 day turnaround. People have been unable to contact the passport offices, either via phone or webchat, for updates on the status of their passports and have been given no indication of when they may actually expect to receive them.

“We know that the passport office is dealing with an increased number of applications because of Brexit and the increased summer demand, but the current situation is unacceptable. At the very least applicants should receive clear and engaged communication from the services. Notices should be issued on national media informing people of any possible delays.

“It is essential that the Government ensure the services are adequately resourced to offset any potential delays and make sure that nobody’s planned travel is jeopardised. This needs to be looked at urgently.”