11th February 2021 | Equality, Green Party News, Local Government

Local Electoral Area Representative Diversity Plan


We wish to inform our members of an exciting project we have underway to enhance diversity within the ranks of the Green Party’s local leadership. As per the party’s constitutional requirement to achieve gender balance at all levels and our ongoing commitment to inclusion of people of different backgrounds in the political process, we are working to achieve diversity at our lowest effective level of leadership – our Local Electoral Area (LEA) Reps.

Working with the constituency groups and our affiliates, we will be seeking members to represent the party in the Local Electoral Areas where we have neither elected local representatives (Councillors) nor existing LEA Reps. We will be actively looking to recruit LEA Reps who are women, persons of other gender identities, persons with disabilities, non-nationals, persons of colour, members of the Travelling community, and those who are disadvantaged socio-economically. We recognise that this is a journey and that for some groups this starts with better community engagement and aiming to increase representation and visibility among our membership.

To this end, we will be hosting a meeting with Constituency Chairs and Officers on February 23rd to launch our new LEA Rep Diversity Plan to discuss these issues and begin our recruitment drive . If you would like to find out more about the LEA Rep Diversity Plan, contact your local branch’s chair or email localgovernment@greenparty.ie.