26th February 2019 | Press Releases, Waste, Water

Irish Water must come clean on what is happening in the Ringsend waste water plant: Greens


A second major pollution incident in two years is totally unacceptable, say the Green Party.

Green Party Cllr Claire Byrne said today:

“We want Irish Water to come clean on what is happening in the Poolbeg Waste water treatment plant.  Two days after a major pollution incident, the company seems to have no clear detail on the failure of their plant. That is not acceptable.  The company is constantly reassuring local representatives that the plant is working well when the reality is clearly different.”

Eamon Ryan TD, Green Party Leader, said:

“This is the same area where another major pollution incident took place in October 2017.  That occurred during Storm Brian but last weekend the weather conditions were relatively benign.  The unexplained failure lead to a massive volume of raw sewerage being released into the bay.  That bay has been recognised by UNESCO as an internationally important biosphere but we are not providing the protection it deserves. Seeing the lower reaches of the Liffey full of our own excrement is a sickening disgrace.”

Clontarf Green Party Representative Donna Cooney said:

“Even in early Spring there are a lot of people swimming in the bay but there seems to have been no public warning from Irish Water as to what had happened and no advice to stay out of the sea.  The company needs to also explain why this communications failure has taken place.”