17th October 2018 | Presidential Race, Press Releases

Greens: Presidential Candidate Must Apologise for Prejudiced Comments


Independent Presidential candidate Peter Casey has drawn criticism following controversial comments about the Traveller community made during an interview for the ‘Floating Voter’ podcast.

Speaking on the comments made by Peter Casey in relation to the travelling community, Green Party Equality Spokesperson Una Power said: “It’s absolutely appalling that anyone, particularly someone who wishes to represent the people of this nation, would wilfully fan the flames of prejudice towards a minority ethnic group.

“His remarks on Traveller housing provision are deeply offensive, particularly as we know homelessness disproportionately affects the Traveller community and councils across the country are failing to spend allocated money for Traveller accommodation.

“Mental health issues also disproportionately affect the Traveller community. It is gobsmacking that someone who wishes to represent us all would then use his current platform to beat down on a minority community suffering such issues.

“Peter Casey must apologise for these comments and apologise to the Traveller community.”