9th May 2018 | Uncategorized @ga

Greens: Google advertising ban ‘internationally significant’

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD today welcomed the decision by Google to ban all referendum related advertisements, and described the move as ‘internationally significant’.
Speaking today, he said: “Following on from Facebook’s announcement yesterday, this announcement by Google is further welcome news. Indeed, like Twitter, Google are going further than Facebook and banning all referendum related advertising.
“This approach, unlike Facebook’s approach, allows Google to avoid the difficult task of discerning where the original advertisements come from.
“This is not about which side of the referendum you’re on, Yes or No. It is about protecting the integrity of our referendum and political system. It is about allowing people to make their own minds up without interference from foreign influence. It is about creating a fair and transparent system, which avoids giving unfair advantage to those with massive online advertising budgets.
“The announcement is of international significance. It’s not just important for the referendum on the 8thamendment. It’s important for how referenda and elections can be protected from undue influence all around the world. It’s regrettable that this has been done last minute, in a voluntary capacity by the companies involved. The political system needs to think hard about how online advertising in elections is regulated so the process, in future, is transparent and fair.”