2nd November 2018 | Digital, Equality, Press Releases

Green Party Hails Google Walkout Protest


The Green Party has described the walkout protest at Google’s offices in Dublin yesterday as “a day to be celebrated” in the tech industry. Staff at Google offices around the world, including Dublin, staged an unprecedented series of walkouts in protest at the company’s treatment of women.

Speaking after the protest, Colette Finn, the chair of Mná Glasa, the Green Party’s gender equality group, and representative in the Cork City South West ward, said the walkout was part of an ongoing challenge to gender power structures built on previous generations.

“Power structures that have been built up over centuries have gradually been modified, but women are still born into a world where they are told that they are not equal to men. The male norms that abound – whether it is linear career trajectories, unequal responsibility for child bearing and rearing, or the assumption that women’s absence from decision-making forums is their fault – all make up the barriers that women face when asserting their right to equality.”

“Gender-balanced teams, whether in the boardroom, the C suite, or on the shop floor, demonstrates true equality. It demonstrates that leaders recognise that the systems they perpetuate reflect on their underlying values. As a business leader, if the people you surround yourself with look and think like you, then that is a problem.”