23rd October 2018 | Climate Change, Press Releases

Green Party Calls on Government to Support Waste Reduction Bill


The Green Party will introduce a motion during Private Members’ Business this week calling on the new Minister for Communications, Climate Action, and the Environment to take decisive action on the issue of plastic waste by supporting the Green Party’s Waste Reduction Bill.

The Bill, which has received broad cross-party support, seeks to introduce a deposit and refund scheme for drinks containers and impose a ban on single-use plastics. However, its progress has been continually blocked by Government. The Green Party, during their Private Members’ Business in the Dáil tomorrow, will be calling for Government to allow the Bill to pass to the next stage.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD: “The government needs to stop dragging its heels. Individual responsibility is important when it comes to the problem of plastic waste, but we also need structural change from the top down. Deposit and refund schemes have been successfully implemented in countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands, and Finland, and they have resulted in recycling rates of over 90%. We as a country led on the plastic bag levy, we should be at the forefront in tackling this problem too.”

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD: “We are calling on the new Minister to end the government’s opposition to the Waste Reduction Bill and take this opportunity to show leadership in tackling the enormous problem of plastic waste. Other countries are already moving in the same direction on this issue, we shouldn’t be playing catch-up.”

The Green Party are launching their motion outside Leinster House on Tuesday at 12:50 p.m. and it will be discussed during Private Members’ Business later that evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The Bill will be voted on this Thursday.