23rd October 2018 | Climate Change, Press Releases

Fine Gael Bottle it on Deposit Refund Scheme


They block our waste reduction bill on the same day scientists reveal plastics have entered our food chain 

Responding to reports that the government will abstain on a Green Party Motion on plastic waste, while blocking the party’s Waste Reduction Bill going to committee stage, Eamon Ryan TD:

“Blocking the bill is simply washing one’s hands of the problem of plastic waste. Fine Gael had a chance to act; instead we get prevarication, delays, and paralysis by analysis. We’ve come to expect a lack of environmental leadership from this Government but they reached a cynical new low today. They have bottled it on the deposit refund scheme in the same way they abandoned the carbon tax rise.’

“On the day that scientists are warning us that micro-plastics are now showing up in the human food chain, the government have shown their true blue conservative colours. We may have to wait for European legislation to force us to do the right thing, when for once our bill could have put us ahead of what needs to be done.”

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD“I’m shocked that the government won’t be voting in favour of this motion. By the time the government finally gets around to dealing with this problem, Ireland will have produced another 210000 tonnes of plastic waste and disposed of another 200 million coffee cups. The government have kicked the can down the road, and it’s our children who will have to pick it up.”