9th May 2019 | Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environment

Dáil supports Green Party call to declare climate emergency


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said today following Dáil Climate debate:

“We are glad that Dail Eireann has declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and has accepted and endorsed the report of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Climate Action.

“Our Parliament is the second national parliament to pass such a motion but it will be of little meaning unless we are now willing to act on the recommendations of the Committee and of the Citizens Assembly.  I am proud of the role that the Green Party has played in making this happen and we will continue to work in analysing and amending the new National Energy and Climate Action Plan that the Government has to deliver in the next six months.

“Ireland has become a climate laggard in the last eight years but there is no reason we could not turn that around and become leaders.  We need to change our entire food, energy, transport and industrial systems in the next two decades and deliver a just transition through a Green New Deal.  We may look back in future years and see the parliamentary process which culminated in the vote this evening as being a historic turning point in our country.  We look forward to making that future a reality.”

Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD for Dublin-Rathdown said:

“The Government has to act now and take concrete steps to change course on climate. Ireland is going to miss its climate targets and this will have devastating impacts for our environment, our planet and our children. The scale of the change we need to make cannot happen without the political will to make radical systemic change to how we structure our world; this represents a first step in the right direction.”


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