11th June 2018 | Uncategorized @ga

Byrne expresses disappointment at approval for hotel development on Portobello Harbour

Green Party Councillor Claire Byrne has expressed her serious disappointment at the decision to grant planning permission to build a hotel in Portobello Harbour.
Describing the decision as ‘effectively the privatisation of a public space’, Councillor Byrne accused Dublin City Council of ignoring its citizens.
She said: “There was a huge number of objections submitted to this development late last year, not only by local residents, but by users of the square on Portobello Harbour too. Almost 10,000 people signed the petition objecting to this hotel.
“While some welcome changes have  been made to the application, this development will still effectively privatise this important public space, which is regularly used by skateboarders, cyclists, general public and has been home to many successful events and markets in recent years.
“The buildings are also currently home to a range of creative and artist  studios. This decision flies in the face of the Dublin City Development Plan in terms of zoning, height, conservation and use. Dublin City Council simply aren’t listening to the residents of the City.
“In addition, there is already an over concentration of hotels in the area, with 2 hotels just down the canal and a further 3 under development close by. We are in the middle of a housing crisis, if anything is to be built here it should be high density housing.
“I, along with many residents, will be appealing to An Bord Pleanala, who I hope will pay heed to the citizens of the City and our City Development Plan and refuse permission for this unwelcome, unneeded and unwanted hotel on Portobello Harbour.”